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Latinos Conservative Organization

Our Values​

  1. Responsible 

(personal responsibility and self-reliance)


(living within our means, support for responsible free market economy)

3. Pro-freedom

(freedom of choice, liberty, free speech)

4. Pro-defense

(strong national defense, security, safety)


(rule of law, justice)

6. Pro-community

(diversity, tolerance, inclusive, openness, international)

7. Pro-opportunity

(equality of opportunity for all, aspiration, empowerment, education, social mobility)

8. Compassionate

(prioritizing the vulnerable, social justice, civic-minded)

9. Pro-democracy

(patriotism, limited government, pro-family, sovereignty, localism)

10. Principled

(fairness, integrity, pragmatism, respect)

11. Forward-looking

(support gradual change, stewardship of heritage and environment, supportive of innovation and technology)